2010 Class Inducted into Baseball Hall of Fame: Andre Dawson Only New Player Elected

The 2010 Baseball Hall of Fame class has been announced. The only player heading into the Hall of Fame is Andre Dawson, who had been on the ballot for a while, and now finds his place among the best players in the history of baseball.

Missing Players

The 2010 Baseball Hall of Fame class does not include second baseman Roberto Alomar and shortstop Barry Larkin. Alomar put together an amazing career with the Indians and Blue Jays among other teams, but he led those Blue Jays to two World Series titles and took home 10 Gold Gloves in his career. Barry Larkin played his full career with the Cincinnati Reds, becoming the first shortstop to ever hit 30 home runs and steal 20 bases in the same season. He also has a World Series ring from 1990 with the Reds.

What Does It Take?

To get on the ballot you have to play at least 10 seasons in Major League Baseball, and then wait five years before the Baseball Writers of America votes on whether or not they should be in the baseball Hall of Fame. Voters don’t just take statistics into account, but also how they were portrayed, and how the player carried themselves both on and off the field. When the voting is done by more than 500 members of the committee, it takes 75% of the votes for a player to make it into the Baseball Hall of Fame. There are also a limited number of years that they can appear on the ballot before they are taken off, but if not elected in their first year of the ballot they do get more chances.

There were 26 players on the 2010 Baseball Hall of Fame ballot, but each voter could only choose 10 players to put on their individual ballots. Some of the players didn’t ever really stand a chance, like Mike Jackson and David Segui, who made it on the ballot because they were good players for a long period of time, but won’t get the Hall of Fame voters on their side because they weren’t “great” players. All of the players that didn’t get 75% of the vote, but met the minimum number of votes will return on the ballot for the 2011 Hall of Fame vote, and will stay on the ballot for as long as they stay below the maximum number of years allowed and above the minimum number of votes required.

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