How to Break in a New Baseball Glove

When we get our first decent baseball glove, they are usually made of leather and are firm, not tending to open and close with ease. We usually tend to follow the older trends of breaking in the new glove, as they have been proven over time. However, if the manufacturer has a process included with your new glove on the proper way to break it in, you should follow those instructions.

Finding the Right Glove

Before spending all the time and energy necessary to properly break in a baseball glove, you want to make sure you’ve found the right glove. If you already know what you’re looking for, then by all means buy it and get started.

But if not, shop around a little. Buying a new baseball glove is a bit like buying a new pet — it’s a rather long-term commitment. Take the time to really find the right piece of equipment for you. Do research online and browse reviews. Sports equipment costs money. Would a gymnast be able to smartly spend the money to buy the best home gymnastics bar without first doing research on the top models? Of course not. It should be the same with baseball gloves. They aren’t cheap either, so being thorough with research beforehand will help you save money.

Here’s a resource that may be able to get you started on your search.

Steps to Breaking in a New Glove

One of the more popular methods of breaking in a new baseball glove is to place a baseball in the meshing, wrap a piece of string or a big elastic around the glove, and submerge the duo in a tub or sink full of room temperature water. You take the glove out after about 12 hours, and let it dry naturally, still tied closed. Repeat this process three times, and the glove should be almost perfectly broken in.

Baseball mitt

The next step in breaking in a new glove is to wear it, and to wear it a lot. Not just at the ballparks and when playing toss, but even when at home watching the NHL playoffs, MLB baseball games, or during what you do during whatever spare time you have. Once the glove is comfortable in your hand, it is ready for the ballpark, but not quite a game. You should give about a month to wear the glove in properly, or it may not form properly.

When to Start Using It

You should use your new baseball glove in practices and pre-game warm ups, and while playing pick up games. You do not want to use your new baseball glove before it is completely worn in and comfortable in your hand during game situations. When not in use, keep a baseball inside the webbing of the glove, and keep it tied shut. The glove is ready when it opens and closes with ease.

Extra Tips

Tips on breaking in a new baseball glove also include using oils, like leather softening oil or saddle oil, and wrapping a baseball inside the glove while not in use. Apply the oil liberally to a clean, cotton rag, or a chamois, and, using some elbow grease, rub the oil into the glove until the glove is pretty well dry, and all parts of the glove have been oiled well.

When using oil to break in your baseball glove, it is better to have pressure on your glove while the baseball is wrapped inside of it. Many players put their gloves under their pillows or mattresses, but any heavy object, or pile of objects that will press heavily upon your glove will do.

With a properly broken in baseball glove, you will notice a major improvement in your catching abilities.

Play ball!

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