How to Meet a Baseball Player

As the warm days of summer take over, the American population is taken over by their love affair with baseball and more importantly baseball players. The crowd watches with awe as their favorite baseball player swings the bat and rounds the bases. Baseball players for the most part, are some of the nicest guys out there. They remember when they stood around before and after games trying to meet their favorite players. It is for this reason that meeting a baseball player can be such a joy. They are usually more then happy to sign an autograph and pose for a picture.

As with all sports, there are the occasional “prima donnas” out there in baseball. For the purpose of this article we will ignore these anomalies. They make the rest of their sport look bad and do not deserve to be given the time needed to try and meet them. Follow these easy steps to meet a baseball player and fulfill your dream.

Steps to Take

First step is to do a little research on your favorite baseball player and team. Go on to the baseball team’s website and look up information about the ballpark in which they play. This will give you vital information about what time the gates open for games and when they allow people to watch batting practice.

Second step is very simple. While on the baseball team’s site buy tickets to a game. If your baseball team only allows people to watch batting practice on a weekend game, buy tickets for a weekend game to meet a baseball player.

Third step takes a little bit of planning. You will need to head out to the ballpark well before they open the gates to watch batting practice. There will be many people trying to meet a baseball player. You will want to secure the best spot possible when they open the gates to do this yourself.

Fourth step takes some baseball hustle. When the gates to the baseball stadium open you want to make your way as fast as you can to the lower level next to your team’s dugout. You want to position yourself next to the rail so you are as close as you can get to the baseball players.

Getting baseball autographs

Fifth step is the final home run. Stand there and smile. You can help your cause by holding out an item and marker for the baseball player to autograph. Well your baseball player is signing an autograph for you, remember to thank him for all of the hard work that he does on the field for the baseball team.

Bonus Tips

If you would like to meet a starting pitcher, you need to go to a baseball game when he is not starting. Starting pitcher warm up out in the bullpen and are not around where the fans are.

Checkout your baseball team’s website. Many teams have festivals to raise money for a good cause during the year. At these festivals, they set out table where baseball players sit and sign autographs and meet the fans.

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